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We are proud of our staff, and know you will be too!


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"Passionate, presentable staff at your fingertips!"

Operations Manger, 

Delaware Nrt

I Need A 'One-Off' Team

Hire our amazing team for a one off event.


Are you getting married soon?

 ...and looking for a fantastic team to deliver the day?


Are you having a party?

....and need some staff to make it run like clockwork?


Look no further.


The Hospitality Company provide staff to the Government, The Queen, Private Members Clubs, Celebrity and VIP events and the City of London's top finance and legal companies. 




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I Need An 'On-Going' Team

Build a consistent team of wonderful personalities.


We understand the importance of familiarity.


We are supported by leaders in the tech world which allows us to focus solely on our clients and staff needs.


We hand pick our staff, supported by matching algorithm criteria, to suit each and every requirement, from staff with experience in hotels and corporate events, to staff suitable for sporting events and private parties.


Whether you need a team or an extension of your current team, we are confident you will be blown away.


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Did you know...?

We have other solutions in The Hospitality Company family.

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Making 500 calls and leaving 499 voicemails? 

We post your ads, we automate your on boarding, your interview room fills with people...

...so all you need to do is sign-up and choose the right people!

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Join our staffing community. 

We aim to be the biggest group of small specialist agencies in the UK. We have encompassed all of our incredible suppliers and customised integrations.

Applicable to any industry, here it is... just for you.

Welcome to the community!

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Generate real customer value & returns £££

Large scale event support, developing teams, improving guest experiences and streamlining your processes.

Say hello to  your friends in the industry.